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2 Local High School Seniors win Laptops
College from Safe Ride Home Whidbey Island

COUPEVILLE, WA (May 6th, 2013)--Brian Grimm, President of Safe Ride Home Whidbey Island is pleased to announce the winners in the 2012-2013 poster and essay contest held at Coupeville and South Whidbey High Schools. 

The winner from Coupeville for the best written essay is Miss Mary Massengale (see photo above).  Mary is a graduating senior at Coupeville High School and her award was presented to her last Thursday evening at the Coupeville High School tennis courts.   Mary has plans to graduate and attend beauty school in the fall of 2013. Mary says,  "I basically grew up poor living with my mom in apartments and seeing my dad every other weekend. I starting working at a young age spending my birthdays in the summer at Bells farm until I started delivering newspapers on my bike then working with my dad in my early teens doing construction. In middle school I did three sports a year and then freshman year in high school
became the first girl to finish a season of football in the school. After that I wasn't the best student and my GPA shrank, but i'm just trying to pick myself up again and out of poverty so i can start my life out of high school." 

The second winner, Evan Merculief  (see photo above) from South Whidbey High School received his award at the school assembly on Friday.  Here is his brief bio:   I’m Evan Merculief, I’m 17 years old and I’m a senior at South Whidbey High School. I was born here in Washington State but I haven’t been a life long islander like many of my friends. I lived in Colorado for about five years before sixth grade, which is when I moved to the Island. I like living here, it’s a beautiful area and it’s rather quiet. I’ve been in the South Whidbey school district for six years now. Last semester was when I took my first graphic design class, which I ended up loving. My teacher was great, he taught many skills and made the class really enjoyable. Next year
I plan on starting a two year path at Skagit Valley Community College to get my AA in criminal justice. After that I will attend the police academy as my main goal is to become an officer. 

Before the assembly a day of mock trials over a drunk driver display was put on by the Fire Departments and emergency crews. This was done in an effort to remind the students of their choices for safety and the effects of alcohol and the ensuring legal difficulties that may arise pending the trial. Mr. Evan was presented his award at the school assembly by JoAnna Weeks, a director with Safe
Ride Home Whidbey Island.  JoAnn Helmann from Impaired Impact Driving Panel of Island County (IDIPIC) was also on hand to speak with the studends about upcoming events put on by her group and to hand out items to those students that "walked the line". 

The Essay written by Miss Massengale and the Poster from Mr Merculief will be gifted to both schools as a reminder to the students for the upcoming 2013-2014 school year.Photos of the mock car crash at the scene in the
South Whidbey High School Parking Lot. 

Safe Ride Home Whidbey Island has partnered with the local taxi companies to provide a safe ride home by taxi in the event of impaired abilities to drive from intoxificiation or drug use, or for any reason.  Teenages under the age of 18 must sign a wavier and carry a card with their home address on it for the taxi company.

  Mary Massengale, Coupeville High School

  Evan Merculief, South Whidbey High School

   Winning Poster from Evan Merculief

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